Learn about our prayer network, prisoner rehabilitation and wellness coaching programs in Tuscaloosa, AL

Journey In Motion is proud to support individuals and the Christian community in Tuscaloosa, AL and beyond. We offer everything from prisoner rehabilitation and addiction recovery programs to food distribution services.

To get involved, you can join a program like:

Women Empowerment

Women in today's society are oftentimes taken advantage of and may be dealing with traumatic experiences of the past. Journey In Motion seeks to help these survivors deal with the traumatic experiences they've lived through and to overcome them. We help pick them up when they're knocked down and to escape abusive situations so that they may live a safe and healthy life. We offer guidance to assist in teaching these women everyday life skills to allow women to live the life they deserve.

Creative Aging Journey

A 60+ program that includes a range of activites

Journey In Motion's Creative Aging Journey challenges the concepts of lifelong learning in adults 60 and older and adults with disabilities who can no longer work or those looking for a quiet, slow-paced environment. Individuals will enjoy a variety of activities such as technology, arts and crafts, exercise, music, games, social events and community outings to enhance the quality of life.

Relationship Building

A coaching and counseling program for all ages

Relationships require attention in order to create, share, and grow. We provide services made available for children, youth, and adults. Whether you are single, a married couple, separated couple, divorced couple, or a blended family, we offer help for today and hope for tomorrow through Life Coaching & Counseling.

Jail Ministry & Outreach

This ministry is designed to provide practical weekly Biblical teachings to inmates. We will also reach out to their families by providing food from our Food Distribution.

Educational Journey

A comprehensive educational program

The Educational Journey encompasses all phases of life. We promote life-long learning and aid those who have questions on how to move forward from one educational plateau to another. We provide After School tutoring, ACT/SAT and Career Planning advice, GED preparation, Adult Computer classes, as well as addressing questions concerning obtaining credit cards, managing a budget, time management, how to respond to being pulled over by a police officer, and more

iLEAD Journey

An empowering program for teenagers. Inspired, Leaders, Empowering, Ambitious, Disciples.

The iLead Journey helps children become all they can be by helping to build self-esteem, self-confidence, interpersonal communication skills, social values, aspirations, and scholastic achievements through the support and encouragement of the Mentor.

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Outreach

This outreach is designed to help those with chemical dependencies. We will incorporate Christian and secular techniques to help those addicted get and remain free.

Food Distribution Outreach

Feeding those who are in need

This outreach is designed to help those in need by providing basic food needs. We will continue to partner with local organizations to help determine those with the most need.

Wellness, Health and Fitness

A wellness coaching program with fun challenges

Journey in Motion has a team that keeps fitness fun and motivating. We are dedicated to keeping each other on track and fighting for our ultimate fitness goals. A place where people connect and experience new challenges.

We perform all of these services with C.A.R.E.

Whether we're distributing food or leading an educational program, our team always seeks to C.A.R.E. for the community by exemplifying our key values:

  • Character: Cultivating and modeling compassion, honesty, fairness, integrity, respect and ethical behavior.
  • Accountability: Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions as individuals and as a team.
  • Respect: Treating each other and those we serve with dignity and equality.
  • Excellence: Doing our best in everything we do and honoring our commitments.

You can also help the community by volunteering for our prisoner rehabilitation or addiction recovery outreach programs. Speak with a member of our team today to find out more about our Relationship-Building work.