Pastor Darryl L. Gay

Pastor Darryl L. Gay has always had a heart to help others. Even as a teenager when he saw a problem, he would become a solution. For example, a boy a few years younger than him lost his mother and the boy didn't have a suit to wear to his mother's funeral. Darryl gave the boy the one suit that he had. After having a genuine and life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ in his early twenties, Pastor Darryl accepted the call to ministry and started ministering to men in the local Jail. Several years later he started ministering to teenage boys at the Juvenile Detention Center. Then after almost 10 years of trying to get into the Prison to minister to men he was finally able to get in by networking with another Prison ministry. Once inside the prison Pastor Darryl immediately realized why the enemy had fought to keep him out of there for so many years. He has been able to change the lives of men of all ages and stages as he has brought them encouragement and hope when they were at their lowest points. Many men have turned their lives completely around due to the preaching and mentoring of Pastor Darryl. He is very hands on and believes in a lifetime commitment to helping people. He has dealt with men who were violent towards their wives and children. He has dealt with men who have committed violent crimes some of which are currently on death row. Pastor Darryl has dealt with men who have sexually assaulted children and youth. Yet, he has often told men that since Jesus Christ has never given up on him that he will never give up on them. Although he has been reaching out to hurting people for over 30 years the fire burns stronger than ever to provide hope and change to the lives of all who desire to fulfill the great potential that exists within them. Since the sudden death of his wife, Pastor Elaine Martin Gay, in 2021, Pastor Darryl has been challenged by the Lord to continue her legacy by ensuring that all that she was doing continues. Additionally, his personal touch of impacting the lives of men will be further felt due to the great passion he has for seeing men become leaders and wholesome examples in their homes, jobs, churches, and society. Through the divine providence of our Lord, He gave Pastor Darryl a new wife, Dr. Mireille Pierre-Louis, in 2022 and the strength of this union has re-energized him to take Journey In Motion to new heights as he continues to provide a solution to those who have been hurt and abused by society.

Discover the story behind Journey In Motion and the great woman who started it all

Journey In Motion was founded in Tuscaloosa, AL by Elaine Martin Gay. Born in Brooklyn, NY as one of eight children, Elaine was raised by her father, a U.S. soldier, and her mother, an account manager. After her parents passed, she lived with her grandmother, Zettie Little, a woman of excellence, high standards and integrity. Over the years, she developed a strong sense of faith and shared her grandmother's commitment to God and to the church.

The legacy of Elaine Martin Gay

Throughout her career, Elaine followed her calling from God to support those around her by:

  • Working with various programs for children and youth
  • Participating in community outreach programs for kids, adults and seniors
  • Established The Tabernacle of Tuscaloosa with her husband, senior pastor Darryl L. Gay
  • Studying and completing ministry and leadership with Dr. Juanita Bynum
  • Completed, under the tutelage of Bishop T.D. Jakes, the Potter's House God's Leading Ladies Life Enrichment Program with honors

After her death, her husband took up her torch to keep her spirit of compassion and generosity alive in the community. He leads Journey In Motion today.

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