About Us


Vision Statement

The Tabernacle is a 21st Century Church whose agenda is to continue establishing the Kingdom of God in the earth through preaching and teaching the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Doing this will empower those in the Body of Christ to walk in excellence and to understand their rights in the Kingdom. The Tabernacle is a Church that actively seeks to bring others into the Kingdom of God by taking the Gospel and Love of Jesus Christ into the world through Evangelistic and Outreach programs designed to meet the needs of those in the local community and to the ends of the world.


Church History

The Tabernacle was legally established in April 1999 under the direction of Bishop T.D. Jakes Sr. of The Potter’s House of Dallas Texas. The Church was started in obedience to the Voice of God with a few members in the living room of Apostle Darryl and Prophetess Elaine Gay. Through prayer and evangelism, the Church has grown over the years to become a significant spiritual voice in the city.  


Mission Statement

The mission of The Tabernacle is to evangelize our homes, community, city, state, nation, and world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ – to bring people to a right relationship with God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  

As a body of believers, we are committed to:   

o Convert the un-churched through Evangelistic endeavors 

o Disciple the Body of Christ through the Word of God 

o Empower and strengthen Christians to overcome obstacles 

o Mentor the next generation by exemplifying Christ daily